Game On Mobile

Game On Mobile is a software solution designed for league management, that can be accessed

from a desktop computer and a mobile application for convenors, players as well as fans. This software provides instant access to league schedules, standings, scores, venues and more, in one place.

Convenors will see great efficiencies using this software with their leagues. Game On Mobile provides full administrator features on the go, allowing convenors to easily update scores from their mobile device, laptop or desktop computer in seconds! The announcements feature is also a very convenient tool. Does your game have a rain delay or has to be rescheduled? Game On Mobile lets you quickly and easily push out an announcement to the teams, sending them real-time updates.

Players and fans will love the instant access to their team's information. Game On Mobile's App allows players to access their league information from anywhere. Players can quickly and easily check scores, standings and receive important announcements from their convenors on their computers or smartphones, as they're posted.

The usability, functionality and convenience of Game On Mobile makes this software a remarkably beneficial tool for convenors, players and the fans. Game On Mobile is the solution for improved communication and real-time updates for league management.

Learn more about Game On Mobile at or read our official press release.