ET Grow

ET Grow is a software solution for the horticultural industry that has been created with breeders,

growers, educators and retailers in mind. ET Grow consists of various web-based solutions that aid in improved communication, efficiency and centralized data collection in new variety trials and crop tracking. It is a universal, easy to use web software platform to track key data, which influences future market introductions.

There are currently four solutions under the ET Grow Platform - Trial Tracker provides a quick and easy way to track and measure the performance of new variety trials, and Crop Tracker offers the ability to monitor finished crops throughout the progression of their growth cycle. Retail Tracker is a great tool to help organize and monitor merchandisers, providing increased efficiency and accountability. Finally, Rack Tracker provides the ability to track and monitor rack locations.

“With many years of experience working intimately with growers and breeders, we have seen a growing need for technological solutions in the horticultural industry. Our goal has been to improve the efficiencies of these companies on an international scale, combining our knowledge with their needs. We aim to provide solutions that streamline processes and increase cost savings - ET Grow is just that solution."
-Scott Holmes, President
Extreme Technology

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