The Importance of Branding Your Company

The Importance of Branding Your Company

Why do some businesses excel when others fall by the wayside within the first couple months? Obviously the quality of the product or service offered is essential to the longevity of any company, but there’s another important factor to be considered: memorability.

Let’s take a company – say, Coca Cola for example. When I think of Coke, three things immediately pop into my head: the colour red, their name in that trademark cursive font, and, oddly enough, polar bears. When we’re able to associate things other than the product itself with a company, we’re witnessing an example of effective branding. To be able to associate a colour, a logo, and an animal with a soft drink company is, in my opinion, a pretty impressive example of branding in action.

There’s more to branding than just a logo – although that’s certainly an important part of it. Some companies focus on creating a memorable tagline which can be easily associated with their company (like McDonald’s “I’m loving it” or Subway’s “Eat Fresh”), whereas other companies rely on a recognizable symbol (take Nike’s infamous “Swoosh” for example). No matter what angle you decide to take, the important part is consistency: if your logo features a bold orange design, incorporate that colour in as many facets of your company as you can. If you have a symbol or tagline, make sure your audience sees it everywhere. There’s a reason why I automatically think of Starbucks coffee when I think of the colour green – their logo, website, and even locations utilize the colour all over the place.

Your brand helps to create your identity in the business world. When Ford releases a new vehicle, people trust it because it’s a Ford. They don’t even necessarily need to know all the details and specs before assuming it’s a quality product, because the company itself has become synonymous with reliability. The same as BMW owners don’t have to list off the exact model and year of their car to impress their friends… simply saying they drive a BMW is enough.

Today’s society recognizes the importance of brand names, and responds so powerfully to them that a well-known brand will often sway our buying decision. Let’s face it, if two pairs of pants are the same colour and price, but one of them is a pair of Dockers, odds are good you’ll choose the Dockers.

Developing a consistent and memorable brand for your company is essential to your success, and should play a vital role in your entire marketing strategy. Create an unforgettable image, and you’ll be celebrating years of business success!

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