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A new software solution designed to accelerate growth and streamline
operations for breeders, young plant producers and growers

St. Catharines, ON, February 26, 2014 – Extreme Technology is pleased to announce that their latest software initiative, ET Grow, is now entering International markets. This software has been created with breeders and growers in mind, offering a solution for improved communication, efficiencies and centralizing data collection in new variety trials and crop tracking. ET Grow offers a universal, easy to use web software platform to track key data which influences future market introductions. There are currently two solutions under the ET Grow Platform - Trial Tracker provides a quick and easy way to track and measure the performance of new variety trials, and Crop Tracker offers the ability to monitor finished crops throughout the progression of their growth cycle. A third solution, Rack Tracker is currently in development and will provide the ability to track and monitor rack locations. Rack Tracker is due for release spring 2014.

“With many years of experience working intimately with growers and breeders, we have seen a growing need for technological solutions in the horticultural industry. Our goal has been to improve the efficiencies of these companies on an international scale, combining our knowledge with their needs. We aim to provide solutions that streamline processes and increase cost savings – ET Grow is just that solution.”

-Scott Holmes, President
Extreme Technology

With the evolution of ET Grow, interest has quickly risen on an international level. SDF, a notable and well-respected company in the horticultural industry located in Bergschenhoek, Netherlands, is now officially in a partnership with Extreme Technology, promoting the ET Grow platform throughout the EMEA regions. With SDF, Extreme Technology is taking the steps to work with growers and breeders to improve and streamline the way data is captured for the industry - now in International markets.

“We at SDF are dedicated to offer great solutions to horticultural businesses. Together with ET we are able to offer a completely new solution for something that is so important to breeders and growers: Insight in the development of new crops and varieties. With over 30 years of experience in the horticulture industry we immediately saw the great benefits this offers to the growers and breeders we service. The great relationship with ET only sped up the talks we had about the introduction in EMEA.”

-Maurice van Winden
SDF Manager

Additionally, ET Grow is available as a desktop platform as well as a mobile application. Users can quickly and easily track trials and monitor crops with their smartphones, allowing them to record data and upload photos or videos in seconds. The usability, functionality and convenience of ET Grow makes this platform a remarkably beneficial tool for the entire horticultural industry.

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