Content Is King...So Use It Wisely!

Content Is King...So Use It Wisely!

The creation and distribution of content has become such a significant aspect of effective marketing and community building these days that it requires a high place in the strategy conversation in most every business.

The word content is confusing enough as it’s tossed around these days, but it’s also difficult for many business owners and marketers to come up with a big picture view of the role content plays in the process of building trust, being found and acquiring clients.

Strategically, the word content is more than a blog post or a random thought each day. You must begin to think of your content as a total body of work that is addressing your target audience over time.

You must understand and create content for the most important keyword phrases for your industry, the key differentiators of your business, and your company’s unique selling propositions.

You must also think in terms of your content as a tool that drives prospects and customers to conversion, and this must be considered as part of your overall content strategy.

One of the first jobs of your content is to bridge the gap from awareness to trust building. After all, the key to social media is opening up the two-way communication with your audience, and in turn, gaining their trust. Some good ideas for those trust-building pieces are:

  • How-to content –advice or tips and tricks
  • Reviews – customer reviews on commonly referenced sites
  • Testimonials – recommendations from customers
  • Articles – articles your company has written or mentions of our company in the media

Once you have created awareness and gained trust, prospective customers will be intrigued to find out much more about your solution, your story and your organization. That’s when you introduce ongoing, quality content. Here’s a few examples:

  • Newsletters – weekly/monthly information that maintains their interest
  • Seminars – in person or online, these allow prospects to learn as well as engage
  • FAQs – some people just need quick answers to their questions and FAQs do the trick
  • Surveys – results from surveys can be a great way to let prospects or current customers know you listen to them and understand them

Hopefully this gives you a better grasp on the whole ‘Content is King’ movement that you’ve heard everyone talking about. ‘Content’ and ‘Web Content’ have become buzzwords these days and it is an always-changing playing field of technology and trends. To succeed, you have to stay on top…you have to be king!

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